Back then, when these vans were made, things went a bit slower than today. Speeding will, apart from a possible ticket, have a negative influence on the fuel consumption which already is more than average. You will enjoy your trip best driving at lower speed than you are used to at home. Usage as off-road vehicle is obviously not allowed. Also be alert on the 'southern' way of driving. The only thing you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Atlantic Oceanmore_vert
Atlantic Oceanclose

Keep in mind this is not the North or Mediterranean Sea but the Atlantic Ocean. Waves can be very high and current very strong even when the sea looks calm. Almost all beaches are guarded during the summer season so you can always ask the lifeguards for information


From May to September it is prohibited in most places to make a fire or to barbeque. What you will see during your trip are public barbeques which are also excellent opportunities to mingle with other travellers.


All our vans are equipped with automatic toll (Via Verde). You just drive on through the automatic toll gates and the charges will be deducted from your guarantee.


You will get a full explanation on the van and its utilities as well as a little test drive to get acquainted with the camper on the road. Every van has a manual with instructions on its usage and particularities but in case of doubt you can always contact us.


Every camper van has lots of storage space for your cloths and personal gear. So try to avoid travelling with a suitcase since this will only hinder you while a bag can be tucked away much easier.

Paperworks and Security depositmore_vert
Paperworks and Security depositclose

One of the house rules is that no van leaves without the full paperwork and security deposit in order. We will let you know in advance of the procedure and appreciate your assistance in making this as swift as possible so we do not waste any of your valuable time when picking up the van.


The vans are not suitable to do a tour of Portugal in 7 days. So if you're planning to do a lot of kilometers in a short period (like Lisbon - Faro - Porto and back in 1 week) we advise you to rent another type of camper our T6 California Branco or Tinto. After driving 1.5 hours you need to stop for 45 min to let the engine cool off.

Sun Canopymore_vert
Sun Canopyclose

All vans come with a sun canopy which is easy to install and remove. It simply clicks in the roof gutter or in a rail and 2 poles on the opposite side hold it up. This will give the final touch when having lunch overseeing the scenery in the shade

Exterior Showermore_vert
Exterior Showerclose

All the vans are equipped with one of these. Simply click the hose in the corresponding tap, switch on the pump and you can start rinsing. Of course not for prolonged showers but it does its job. Apart from this they all have a Solar shower which is a 20 lt bag you fill, put in the sun so the water gets warm an than hang up so you can take a shower.

Cab Child Bunkmore_vert
Cab Child Bunkclose

This is a suspended hamac above the front seats. This extra child bed is available for Verdi, Cherry, Latte, Alba and Taiga. In case you are travelling with 5 you can still sleep all inside.

Surfboard Rackmore_vert
Surfboard Rackclose

Latte, Taiga, Alba, Symcro, Verde and Azul have an optional surfboard rack and straps which are free of charge. Let us know before so we can install it before you pick up the camper.


Although Portugal has a nice climate the whole year through it can get cold from December upto April. The following vans have a diesel parking heater on board : Azul and Syncro. Alba and Latte have a gas parking heater installed. We also offer portable gas and electrical heaters for the other vans which are free of charge (1 gas bottle included). Baywindows and Abobora do not have front heating when driving.


All our vans are equipped with a modern radio which has radio, CD, AUX (mini-jack cable provided by us) and USB slot. So bring your favorite music so you have the perfect soundtrack for your trip. (Abobora, Rubi and Azul do not have a CD player).